Followers of the Wpg Goldeyes know how the team has, at times, a pretty grueling travel schedule.  An example occurred this past weekend.  The Goldeyes finished up in Lincoln at around 1AM, and following a 13 hour bus ride, arrived home, in Manitoba about mid afternoon. The players then had to be back on the field @ Shaw Park by later afternoon for an evening game against Kansas City. That's one reason, why it's admirable that they made the effort to hang out with a bunch of young ball players at a Rookie ball tournament at Lowe Farm, west of Morris.


As the kids were getting their autographs, I spoke with pitchers Ace Walker and Luis Villereal, and as Ace told me, he is no stranger to small towns, like Lowe Farm.



The Goldeyes will salute Max Poulin Tuesday night.  I have my tickets, and hope for sunshine to enjoy a game at one of Manitoba's premier sports facilities