Tired of swerving around potholes? Are you worried about your safety as a cyclist or pedestrian? Voting is now open for the annual CAA Worst Roads campaign, and CAA Manitoba is giving citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns about the bad roads in their communities.

“Our research shows that 83 per cent of Manitobans vent their concerns about the state of roads either to their spouses, friends, co-workers or mechanics while very few (only three per cent) express their frustrations with local government officials and decision makers,” says Ewald Friesen, manager government relations CAA Manitoba. “As we kick off another year of the CAA Worst Roads campaign, we are calling on all Manitobans to vote for their Worst Roads today and join the community of drivers, cyclists, transit riders and pedestrians committed to improving our roads and keeping our elected representatives accountable.”

Those surveyed say they spent $962 on average to repair their vehicle.

A survey conducted by CAA Manitoba found that 54 per cent of members in the province have experienced vehicle damage because of poor roads, with 70 per cent paying out of pocket to repair, only 16 per cent filing a claim with MPI and 14 per cent forgoing repairs altogether.

“Either because of affordability or availability, many people are holding on to their cars a little longer these days; the last thing they should worry about is expensive repair bills on the already stretched family budget. While inflation rates have cooled, many of us are dealing with higher cost of living, making the investment in roads and supporting infrastructure more important than ever,” adds Friesen.

The damage to a vehicle caused by a pothole can range from $500, with some fixes topping $2,000 depending on the make and model of the car. Those surveyed say they spent $962 on average to repair their vehicle.

“We know that the campaign works, and that decision-makers are listening. Since its inception in 2012, we have seen roads placed on the top ten list and come off with upgrades and repairs. The CAA Worst Roads campaign has been a vital platform for road users across Manitoba to nominate and vote for roads they believe are in urgent need of repair.”

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Manitobans can vote on issues ranging from congestion, potholes, poor road signs and the timing of traffic lights to pedestrian and cycling safety.

Nominations for the Worst Roads campaign can be submitted online at www.caaworstroads.com starting March 19 until April 19. Once the nominations are collected, CAA Manitoba will compile a list of the top 10 worst roads in the province, which will be announced to the public.

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