Road Reports and Cancellations

Road Reports and Cancellations

Cancellations for Friday, April 21st 2023:

Turtle Mountain School Division no buses and no classes.

Due to hazardous road conditions, all schools in Southwest Horizon School Division are closed on Friday, April 21.  All buses and classes are canceled.

Prairie Spirit S-D closed

Due to road closures and unsafe driving conditions, all schools in Fort La Bosse School Division are closed, with the exception of Reston. Reston school is open, and buses are running there.


Beautiful Plains School Division.  Buses are cancelled and schools are open



Highway conditions:

Please note this report is only updated when Department staff observe and report conditions. The Department does not provide 24 hour reporting of highways. Please be alert for changing conditions. Actual conditions may vary from those reported. If it's safe to do so, please call 1.877.951.2486 with your own reports.