The Provincial Exhibition has come through two tough years, but they've dug in their heels and persevered to come out strong on the other side.

"We've had two successful events.  Were they as good as pre [pre-Covid]?  Just about," shares Provincial Ex President, Kathy Cleaver.  "But people are supporting us and we've been thrifty and watched our spending so we're in a good solid position to go forward."

"It never lessons the need for fundraising," she adds.

More fundraising events are coming up over the next number of months right up to Christmas, including the current $10,000 cash draw, a Princess and Super Hero party planned for September, Ag EX is coming up in October, and a comedy night is lined up for November.

"We're a very busy organization and we're always looking at how to stay viable.  We work hard for it."

Cleaver says the Provincial Exhibition heavily relied on their corporate sponsors to weather the Covid storm.   "We've got such great corporate sponsors that have stuck with us and believe in us.  When we ask, they're there.  I wouldn't even start naming names because they all stepped up and helped."

"We were really blessed to have some good, strong people working with us."

The dedication of the board and staff of the Provincial Exhibition throughout the entire pandemic is something Cleaver acknowledges, and applauds for their over-and-above efforts.

"I'm very proud how we did and how our directors worked hard.  We had numerous smaller fundraisers and everyone pitched in.  Our Executives put their heads together and they came up with ideas.  And the staff worked hard, and went way above and beyond what their actual job description is."

"It was a struggle and lots of times wondering when it was going to end.  But, I'm very proud of them all, they worked very hard.  I feel we're in a solid position.  The doors are open and we're ready to move forward."