The deconstruction of the Boissevain swimming pool will start in mid-August to make way for the building of a new pool.

Mayor Judy Swanson says the pool with be closed for the season around August 15th and then deconstruction begins.  "The company is lined up ready to go so they will be doing the earth moving and demolition part of the other pool first.  They will work into the winter and then they'll be back next spring."

The municipality has set aside funding over the past number of years, anticipating the build project.  As well, they've received grant money to help cover the approximate $1.4 million build.

"I've been told the pool should only lose about 3 or 4 weeks in the spring for usage," she adds. "So, they should be finished by July 1st of next year,"

"When you see a project come to fruition and you see it happening, and you see how many people in your community can enjoy what you're doing, you know you're doing the right thing," shares Swanson. "In order for this community to grow it needs to have these facilities."