The Mennonite Central Committee helps people all around the world, but we don't always think about how those funds raised through our Brandon MCC Thrift Shop helps those in western Manitoba.

MCC Manitoba's Executive Director, Darryl Loewen, says the MCC thrift shop not only helps folks purchase clothing and household items at a reduced price, and to share those funds through their agencies to help developing countries around the world, but also to help families in a very significant way our own back yard here in the Westman Region.

"Local programs in Manitoba take place in a number of categories; migration and resettlement, which really amounts to refugee sponsorship of our newcomer families," explains Loewen.

"That one's recognizable," he notes. "I know throughout Westman there are very recent and current refugee sponsorships by church and community groups and therefore new groups coming into Manitoba, and into Westman."

"Indigenous neighbors is often an advocacy and a relationship program between MCC and within churches within relationships within indigenous communities and indigenous organizations throughout the province. 

"We also have a program with abuse response and prevention," adds Loewen. "This highlights education and resourcing on intimate and domestic partner abuse, and clergy abuse within congregational context."

Loewen says they also have programming on peace and advocacy awareness, focusing on recent years, and currently, on things like climate, indigenous relationships and indigenous rights, and human rights both in Canada and around the world."

Internationally, MCC Canada's focus is on Relief, Development and Peace.  Please listen to more on this topic with Darryl Loewen below!

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