In 1963 Fred and Helen Miller built the Galaxy Lanes bowling alley in Melita. That was 60 years ago, and the operating committee is celebrating with music, an evening meal and community fun!

"We're doing the fundraiser but we're also doing a bigger event in celebration of the 60th Anniversary," shares facility president, Linda Jago. "I believe it was only owned once, and that was by Fred and Helen Miller in '63. I'm not sure how many years later they sold it, but it's been run by volunteers ever since."

This is a true testament to strong community support, but it gets better!

The original plan was to have one concert/dinner on Saturday, October 7th, however they sold the 320 tickets within 24 hours, so the committee has been working with Mark Smith, lead of the Poverty Plainsmen to see if they could come and perform a second night. 

So, more tickets were printed, and the Friday, October 6th evening was set, and they sold out again!  "But then another 24 came available for the Friday night, so we still have those 24," adds Jago. (They may be sold out by now so best check soon if you're interested!)

"it's 5 pin bowling and its actually done old school," she explains. "So, we count ourselves as there's no automatic count system in it, and I think at one time they used to have the pin-sitters in it, but now it has the strings so it can be set by itself."

They're hoping to clear between $10,000-$15,000 through this weekend celebration. Funds raised will go towards repairing the back of the lanes, and on the machines themselves. A $50 ticket purchases a full roast beef meal and the Poverty Plainsmen concert.

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this event, and whole community that has supported Galaxy Lanes throughout the years, and these last few years through all the rentals," shares Jago. "A huge, big thank you to all the people in the past and the present and the future who are supporting our Galaxy Lanes."