From Aug. 17 to 24, Elections Manitoba registration agents will be visiting homes throughout the province to register eligible Manitobans to vote in the general election, expected on Oct. 3.

Targeted registration is used to improve the accuracy and completeness of the Manitoba voter registry, a permanent voters list.

Registration agents will visit newly constructed neighbourhoods as well as areas of high mobility – areas where people may move in and out more often such as apartment blocks and near post-secondary campuses.

Voter registration agents will be wearing identification. When registration agents come to your door, they will request the name, address, and phone number of all eligible voters in the household. They will also request eligible voters’ date of birth and gender to improve the accuracy of the voters list.

Being registered to vote before the election makes voting faster. Voters who are not registered before the end of the revision period on Sept. 14 can still register at the poll when they go to vote. Voters can also register to vote or update their information online at

Manitoba residents are eligible to vote if they:

  • are Canadian citizens;
  • are at least 18 years of age on or before election day; and
  • have lived in Manitoba for at least six months before election day.

Landlords and building caretakers are reminded that the law requires registration agents have access to apartment buildings and condominiums.