Boissevain residents and visitors are itching to dip their toes in the new aquatic centre, and they won't have to wait long.

"We're so close," says Parks & Recreation Director for Boissevain-Morton, Wendy Giesbrecht. "WE'RE OH SO CLOSE!"

"It is almost complete, and it is so exciting!  The majority of the pool itself is actually finished!  We are putting depth markers in, the liner is installed and complete, and we're almost ready to fill," she explains. "We have a couple of water features in the tot end to install. We've got another concrete pour left to do, and a little bit of work to do on the access tower," she adds.

"Outside the pool, the sunshade posts are up and ready to go," she notes. "On the inside of the building we're putting shower partitions in, and the donor wall is complete, and more!"

Giesbrecht says a number of factors contributed to the delay in opening the new pool, weather just being one of them, noting that when supplies didn't come in as expected, contractors focused their attention on a different area of the pool or building so there wasn't any standing around time waiting, that's for sure!

"Our contractors have been working around the clock! We have the most amazing contractors," she shares. "But certainly the 30 degrees above temperatures were a bit of a delay.  We've also had some shipping delays with some supplies, and that's been a big factor. But it's all been really small, typical construction delays."

The hope is that the aquatic centre will open towards the end of August, if all goes according to plan, but no date is being named at this time. 'That's what we're shooting for," notes Giesbrecht. "We hope to have our pool up and filled near the end of August. We're not giving a concrete date just yet, but there is nobody in this municipality who hopes to see people in that pool more than all of us upstairs in the municipal office!"

Giesbrecht can't wait to see the kids going down the new water slides, but they might just have to wait in line behind her!  "You won't miss the announcement, because we'll be posting it on all our social media pages, and I'll probably be standing at the top of those water slides shouting at everybody 'C'mon over!'"

Please listen to Wendy Giesbrecht in the audio clip below as she expresses her thanks to everyone for their support in the process of the new pool construction.

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