Boissevain's Moncur Gallery, Peoples of the Plains Exhibit, is now open for the season, after 2 years of Covid closures.

Summer student and curator for the museum, Jewel Stouffer, is excited for the season to start.  "It is amazing! This is really honestly one of my favorite places to be in, in Boissevain, and its a wonderful museum to be in and we're very fortunate to have it. It's one of the only places in the area that has such a wealth of information and artifacts like this."

The Moncur Gallery opened its doors to the public in 1986, and consists primarily of artifacts from a lifetime of collecting by local resident and amateur artchaeologist, Bill Moncur. “The Peoples of the Plains” exhibit also displays artifacts that have been donated by other amateur archaeologists. 

'The exhibit focuses on pre-contact First Nations artifacts that reveal the activities of daily life, from cooking and food prep methods, to revolutionary weapons and hunting strategies, as well as typical games and ceremonial items, with the primary goal of educating locals and visitors.  Both guided and interactive audio tours are available.

Stouffer says they enjoy having students and families visit the gallery.  With hands-on learning incentives, children enjoy learning about the area's history through inter-active digs, activity and coloring sheets and more.

For more information visit Moncur Gallery website:  Moncur Gallery | Peoples of the Plains

Please listen to more of the interview with Jewel Stouffer and CJRB's Barry Lamb below.