The community of Deloraine went without a swimming pool in 2022 because of structural issues with the pool and Reeve Kelly McMechan hopes work can start this year on a new pool.

The old pool has served the community for decades, but it now appears it will need to be replaced.

“We’re still getting prices to see how much a new pool would cost. We’ve had a few ballpark figures come in but we still have to get final numbers. We plan to move forward just as soon as we can and fund raising is already underway.”

“I hope construction starts in 2023 and we can open a new pool in 2024,” said Kelly McMechan.

Deloraine Winchester Swimming Pool was constructed in 1980 as a result of fundraising through the Deloraine Elks and Lions groups collectively. The heating system for the pool initially was constructed with solar panels and replaced with a natural gas system in 1998.

Reeve McMechan feels it’s important to have a swimming pool in town. “Not everybody has access to Lake Metigoshe and its 30 minutes away. For kids wanting to go for an afternoon swim it’s a pretty popular spot at the swimming pool. We plan to do swimming lessons because it’s important to know how to keep ypour head above water if you ever fall in so I think it’s very important to have a pool in Deloraine.”