Big changes will be taking place at Westman Youth for Christ, specifically in the youth ministry as long-time leader Executive Director, Dwayne Dyck, will be transitioning into more of a coaching role as of April 1st.

Rena Booth-Navid is the current Director of  Uturn Ministries and Housing First programs at Westman YFC and will be assuming the Executive Director position in early spring.

Dwayne Dyck has been serving Westman youth with YFC since January 1992.  

"Dwayne has been here for over three decades looking after things, for sure" shares Navid.

"And I'm very excited," she adds. "The team has been very responsive and supportive in this change over and I am really looking forward to seeing what's all going to take place in 2024!"

Navid says this year will be a year of learning the numerous programs they offer that are currently out of her wheelhouse.  "I'll be learning more about all the other areas like Huddle, Common Spaces and LitGroups. Those are things that I'm not experienced with in an in-depth way," she says.

"And we've got satellite offices in Russell and Virden, and I want to be able to go out and learn more about what their needs are in those communities as well," she adds. "That's my goal for the next several months for this 2024 year."

"I know there will be a learning curve but I'm very excited about what God is doing in the Westman community, for sure!"

'Youth For Christ began in 1958 in the Westman region, and over time has evolved and matured in its mandate to address the needs of the whole person. YFC is a Christian charity dedicated to serving young people. YFC addresses social needs, teen issues, physical needs, employment needs, health and well-being, and spiritual needs. YFC helps teens and families move through difficult life situations, assists teens as they mature and develop, and upholds or creates the home environment as needed.'

'Westman Youth For Christ has adopted the vision of “creating a community of Hope, where no young person goes hungry; spiritually, emotionally, physically or relationally”.'

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