Westman's Youth for Christ will be holding their second annual Create Art Exhibition and Fundraiser in early May.

Last year's exhibition brought together both local artists and artists from across the province who support WYFC. The 2023 theme for artists to really think about and then create, was 'In Black and White'.  This year's theme is 'Be Bold!'

"So, it is all about bright colors, big brush strokes and to be way more vibrant than last year," shares Create Art Program Director, Dawn Redlin.

"We have two programs that we run now through the Create Art Program," she explains. "We have started a new one on Monday afternoons where we do some instruction with youth, where we all work on the same kind of project but where everyone throws their own personal twist on it, of course."

"Then on Tuesday nights we have our regular Create Art Program, where the youth choose their own art to do," she adds. "So, we are really encouraging them to put some of their art in the show as well!"

All funds raised go towards the Create program.  

"We're hoping to have a great crowd come out both evenings," shares Redlin. "Tickets will be on sale and it will include your entry to the art show as well as a plate of light snacks provided. And of course there will be lots of pieces of art for sale.  A portion of the sale price will go to the artist, and a portion will go to the program."

The event will once again be held at Brandon's Firehall Event Venue, May 23 & 24, from 6-9 pm.

Contact Westman Youth for Christ for more information on donating an art piece for the upcoming exhibition and sale.

Visit their Facebook page HERE!