Thank you for joining us this weekend as we celebrate Easter, and welcome Gospel Harmony to Made in Manitoba for the first time.

We wanted to have a musical guest reflective of the season, and that brought us to Gospel Harmony, a foursome comprised of two couples… Isaac & Evelyn Wolfe who live between Morden and Winkler, and Jake and Margaret Wall from Winkler. The group got together almost seventeen years ago, after Jake and Margaret went to Isaac and Evelyn's place for a visit. Shortly after that, the group began Christmas caroling at friends' homes.

From there, Gospel Harmony's music ministry was born, and their two albums were released; an English one titled "Come to the Saviour" in 2013 and a Low-German one called "Plautdietsche Leeda" released two years later.

We'll be featuring music from both, as we join together for Easter on Made in Manitoba. You can listen to the program, below.

Gospel Harmony's CDs are available for purchase at:
1. Sunny Day Products, 349 Manitoba Rd, Winkler, MB
2. Trust God Now Book & Gift Shop   208 Railway Avenue South in Winkler MB
3. Roadside Foods  145 Centre Ave W, Altona, MB
4. Mennonite Heritage Village.  231 PTH,12 N, Steinbach, MB

CD covers of Gospel Harmony's albums