Local Virden and area talent took the stage again, bringing laughter, song and dance to the Virden Aud stage!

Virden Theatre Productions performed six showings of The Music Man in the first week of November with a cast of close to 60 people donning on costumes, practicing their lines and bringing real time comedy to multiple audiences!

Producer-Director, Michelle Chyzyk, says The Music Man was a wonderful community celebration, and even though they had limited time to prepare, they pulled it off in style.  It took a cast of very dedicated performers, and folks behind the scenes who worked long hours to create the incredible backdrops, props and costumes.

"We kept a lot of people very busy," she explains. "There are just so many people involved who had such pride in the show and doing their jobs so well! Lots of meticulous people! Lots of retired teachers! Lots of dedicated parents who had been doing it for years! We feel a real sense of pride when we put something like that on."

The Music Man is a classic that's never going away, says Chyzyk.

"The appeal of The Music Man for us was to have the ability to have this multi-generational cast, something we hadn't done for a while. So, it was really fun to have mature performers on the stage as well as those charming children!"

Virden Productions Theatres perform one musical each year, which can tend to be an exhausting process. "Right from the beginning of the year you choose the show, hold auditions, begin planning and purchasing from New York, and those kinds of things," she shares, "but I don't think I would have any friends left if I would suggest doing more than one a year!"

 Please listen to more with Michelle Chyzyk below as she shares more on the behind the scenes support they had to perform this year's The Music Man!


Photo credit Rob Lovatt)

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