For those who have been enjoying the Vantage Points book series compiled. published and distributed through the Turtle Mountain Souris Plains Heritage Association (TMSPHA), you'll be thrilled to hear that there are 2 new books in the works!

Committee Chair, Jan McClelland, says this winter's project for the committee will be to focus on Book 6, which will most likely spill into Book 7.

"We're just in the preliminary stage of developing the theme we want to follow and what that might look like," explains McClelland.

Since the joining of Killarney-Turtle Mountain, and the re-joining of Melita area, these next two books will share more of these two regions' history.  "With Book 6, approximately half of it will be dedicated to the stories from the Killarney-Turtle Mountain area, because they're our new members.  We've had the whole broader area in the first five volumes, so we will dedicate a little bit more space in Volume 6 to this newest member."

Melita's historical group was a member of (TMSPHA) a number of years ago, and McClelland says they're thrilled to have Melita join them again.  "We look forward to doing more stories in Melita, specifically.  We've surrounded them with stories from Two Borders (municipality), but we haven't done many Melita-specific stories because they weren't members. That's one of the benefits of membership!"

"So, exciting things are happing!" McClelland adds. 

"We've got a couple of theme ideas and we'll look at developing those more fully," she says, "and we'll let people know what's coming in the next issues! But that's what's on the table for 2024!"

More with Jan McClelland below!

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All stories featured on CJRB's Vantage Points Flashback are taken from the 5-book Vantage Points series.  For your own copies of this book series, visit the Boissevain-Morton Library, or contact any of the TMSPHA committee members.