The International Peace Garden is preparing for their Fall Harvest Dinner coming up next weekend. 

CEO, Tim Chaman, says now is a beautiful time of year to visit the Peace Garden, making for the perfect setting for their mid-October evening banquet.

"It's a great time to visit right now because the foliage is really hitting its peak. It's beautiful here right now," shares Chapman. "The maples are red and orange, the aspens are turning their usual gold, so it's great to come and go on a hike!"

"This coming Saturday evening, October 15th, will be our Harvest Dinner again.  It's something we debuted last year and is a part of our 90th Anniversary Dinner Series this year."

"The Janzen Boys will be back to play again this year," he explains. "They're a father-and-two-sons-trio with ties to Killarney and are out of Winnipeg.  They put on a really wonderful performance this last year, and at our 90th Anniversary Celebration this summer!"  

"So, we're really excited to put on a beautiful meal and some good entertainment on October 15th at the Historic Lodge," adds Chapman.

Listen to more of CEO Tim Chapman and CJRB's Barry Lamb sharing on the Peace Garden's Summer Dinner Series.

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Click HERE for the October 15th Harvest Dinner to register as soon as possible to accommodate Peace Garden preparations for this festive celebration of the beauty and bounty of Fall!