A Boissevain area resident takes part in a bike-a-thon every spring and Darren Unrau looks forward to this year’s event at the end of April.

The Westman Chapter for Cerebral Palsy hosts the ride every year. “They’ll be hosting another stationary bik-a-thon and this year’s event will be in the UCT Pavilion of the Keystone Centre. We expect to see close to 12 teams participating.”

Money raised goes towards individuals needing assistance.

“Right now, I’m just promoting the cycling event and I’ll get more serious about raising money closer to the ride on April 23rd. I’m looking for more information to come down the line so I can pass it along and then start raising money.”

Darren Unrau says over the past number of years he’s raised about $3,000 each year and he’s shooting for that mark again in 2023. “The people in the Boissevain-Morton area are pretty generous and this is an awesome place for raising money because of that generosity.”


The bike-a-thon will see each rider riding a bike for 25 minutes before they hand off to one of their teammates.