The Brandon Garden Club is embracing the color orange this summer for their color scheme this summer, so the Green Spot Home & Garden has been providing workshops and ideas for the various shades of orange!

So, yes there will be lots of orange to choose from at the greenhouse, but also all the other incredible shades of all the other colors in the rainbow!

Green Spot owner, Bernie Whetter, says perennials are planted and shoots are peeking through.

Whetter says just by walking into the Green Spot the air is like spring!

"You come in and you can smell it," he says. "You can smell the earth we're using, the soil medium when you water it, it releases a pretty nice aroma.  And it's humid in here and it's nice and warm when the sun is shining!  It's spring!"

For lawn furniture Whetter says their favorite Adirondack chairs made of recycled plastic continue to be hot sellers, and this year their suppliers have brought back the citrus colors including orange, kiwi, and yellow.  "They are really bright and colorful and bringing back the citrus colors really brightened up the offering!"

Mother's Day seems to kick off the official start to spring plant purchases and planting soon follows.

"Patio planters and hanging baskets won't be done until the middle of April," he says. "And hanging baskets and patio planters they're prime gifts for moms who enjoy gardening and the outdoors."   

"After that is the season to put plants outside. But a lot of people won't put plants outside until the end of May, but they're certainly purchasing and getting them home and getting them hardened off before they plant them. And the last week in May is really the ideal time."