This week’s heavy rains have resulted in the closure of the golf course at Souris.

Rain on Monday and into Tuesday left fields saturated, many roads over run with water and the creek at the golf course in Souris spilling it’s banks with water flowing onto the course.

Club President Walter Finlay would like to have the course open as soon as possible but he says it could be the end of the month before the course is back in play. “Just south of town there was over six inches of rain and that all goes through the golf course. In town we had over four inches. You add it all up it jumped the creek banks quickly and by 7am Tuesday morning things were under water.”


Finlay says it’s too early to assess how much damage has occurred at the course.


“The water has to go down before we can get a better idea on damage. The two bridges disappeared under the water and until we get them pulled out we wont know what the damage is. I think it’s more cosmetic damage than anything.”

Before play can resume the club has to get the bridges out and repaired and back in place. “I’m hoping we could reopen this weekend but I think that’s a not likely” said Finlay.

"This is really frustrating not just for the club but all our members. I assume a number of people will head to area clubs to play golf until the Souris course reopens."


“The total cost of the repair is hard to determine. We’ll be applying for disaster financial assistance but it will take awhile to get everything repaired and paid for.”