The Souris-Glenwood Ag Society will be receiving funds through Federated Co-op's FUEL GOOD DAY next week Tuesday!

Pembina Co-op's Souris Gas Bar Manager, Olivia Whitmore, says she's excited to see what September 19th is going to bring, and they're trying to get the word out loud and clear to their customers to stop in for a fill up in their fuel tanks, coffee cups or Big Splash slush!

And you can fill your bellies at the noon Bar-B-Que hosted by the Souris ELKS from 11-2 at the Souris Gas Bar with lunch profits going to the Elks, while the Fuel Good Day profits go to the Ag Society - it's a win-win!

For every fill up, 10 cents will be donated to the Ag Society, 5 cents, as well as $1 from every coffee and Big Slush sold that day.

"We let people know that FUEL GOOD DAY is coming and invite them to stop in that morning on their way to work, or to school, or to wherever they may be going to help the organization that we're trying to help," shares Whitmore.

"We're in a prime location," she adds."Two major highways go right by our location so we hope to catch as many people as we can!"

The Souris Gas Bar will be open from 6am to 10 pm on Tuesday, September 19th.

Please listen to more with Olivia Whitmore below!

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