The city of Brandon is bustling with activity as staff and volunteers of the Provincial Exhibition, and everyone involved with this year's Royal Manitoba Winter Fair crowds the Keystone Centre!

Provincial Ex General Manager, Mark Humphries, says it takes 4-5 days to move all the displays, trade show material, equipment and more to prepare for the hundreds of exhibitors, competitors and participants to showcase their skills in next week's event.

"It's a busy time! Everybody is literally shining everything up, polishing and painting, fluffing flowers, you name it, it's happening right now!  It's a busy, busy place," he says.

What's in store for the Royal 2024?

"There's something for everybody!" says Humphries. "And for families Fred Penner will be here and he's very entertaining for every family member. We're happy to have Fred back!  Doodles the Clown is on his way to Manitoba, and we always look forward to seeing our good friend, Doodles.  We'll also be having a Vegas-type magic show happening as well next week!"

Complimentary tickets are available for kids, ages 6-12, thanks to Manitoba Hydro. The ticket includes admission to one day at the 2024 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair for ages 6-12.  So, for those wanting to go multiple days, the kids will need multiple tickets, one for each day.  Six years old and under are free to the Fair!  But this is only available this week!

Click HERE for the free ticket information. 

Remember to download one ticket per child per day of the fair! This offer is valid until Friday, March 22nd.

What's new to the Royal Winter Fair this year includes more competition opportunities for the heavy horses, named the Chore Team Competition, where these gentle giants dig in their heels and show what they can do with a pull!

Please listen to more with Mark Humphries below as he shares on the Chore Team Competition!

In addition to Doodles the Clown, Fred Penner, the Woof Jocks, there is also the Royal Farmyard, which is a true favorite for many, many families!

"The Royal Farmyard is a place for gently hands-on and also see up close for kids. They can see the chickens, and some milking cows, sheep and goats, and miniature ponies," shares Humphries, " and obviously some of the smaller critters like the bunnies, and kids can have a look at where all of these animals fit in the farming world.  Yes, it's one of the more popular places here at the Fair for everybody, really.  It's a favorite stop!"

The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair will be held at the Keystone Centre from March 25-30th.

For more information on this year's Royal Manitoba Winter Fair please click HERE!