The Manitoba government is providing $585,000 to the Municipality of Roblin to purchase a new made-in-Manitoba fire truck for Roblin Fire and Rescue, Municipal and Northern Relations Minister Ian Bushie announced today.

“Investing in fire protection will ensure that Roblin Fire and Rescue has the additional tools it needs to protect the people of Roblin and surrounding area,” said Bushie. “Our government is committed to working with municipal partners to build strong, safe and healthy communities. We congratulate the hard-working volunteers of Roblin Fire and Rescue and hope this funding will help them continue to protect their community in way that improves safety for firefighters and local residents.”

Funding for the new fire truck is part of a top-up to the rural strategic infrastructure basket, a part of the Strategic Municipal Investment Fund. Funding is allocated toward projects that align with Manitoba's definition of strategic infrastructure, which includes water and wastewater treatment plants, waste management facilities, public transit, roads and bridges, and recreation projects.

“This new truck will allow us to maintain a level of protection that our constituents expect,” said Alf Brade, fire chief, Roblin Fire and Rescue. “It’s great news for our local residents, but also for the two municipalities outside our area that we offer support to.”

The new truck is being built in Wawanesa by Acres Industries, supporting local jobs in the province, the minister noted. The new truck is a top-mount enclosed pumper apparatus and will replace Roblin Fire and Rescue’s previous pumper truck that was purchased in 1991.