Ten days ago, Premier Wab Kinew announced the establishment of a new Westman regional cabinet office to act as a liaison between families, businesses and community organizations in Westman and the Manitoba government.  That office opened this past week, with Brandon resident, Jason Gobeil, 

The new regional cabinet office will be led by Brandon resident, Jason Gobeil.

Gobeil has an extended history of community building and partnering with organizations to better the Westman community as a whole.

He is a former school trustee with Brandon School Division (BSD), board member at Brandon University and community coordinator with more than 10 years of experience working directly in the areas of employment counselling, project management and community program development across the Westman region.

'Gobeil has volunteered his time serving on boards with BSD’s Indigenous Advisory Committee, the Westman chapter of the Interprovincial Association on Native Employment, the Brandon Bear Clan and the Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council and has put on events like 100 Men 100 Drums, which offered cultural connection and trauma healing for Indigenous men. Gobeil is also a proud French speaker, states Premier Kinew's November 10th media release.

Councillor for the RM of Sifton, Scott Phillips, says with the new regional office now open in Brandon, Westman will have a more consistent voice in provincial level of government.  Phillips says he has had a few introductory chats with Gobeil and has been impressed by his reaching out to mayors, reeves and council members in the region.

"He's eager to get to know the greater Westman area and the reps," he shares, "and to get to know not only the challenges but also all the good things that are going on, because there are a lot of really good things that local municipalities are doing."

"And the province needs to know that we're not always coming with issues and concerns," adds Phillips. "We have a lot of good things going on and we can work together to make it even better."

Phillips notes that anytime more transparency and communication between rural Manitoba and the Manitoba Legislative building on Broadway, the better.

"I know a lot of us have had really great relationships with the past government and past Ministers, and our local MLA's were, and are, excellent to us. With the new change of government, maybe they're not as familiar with Westman, but this new cabinet office in Brandon will help with that transition and in understanding Westman."

Please listen to more with RM of Sifton Councillor, Scott Phillips below!

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