The International Peace Garden usually has about 50 workers on staff every summer and CEO Tim Chapman says over the next few weeks more seasonal workers will be coming to work.

Chapman says the Peace Garden is looking in great shape.

“Obviously we want to wait about a month or maybe into the first week of June to plant the flowers. We have to respect that frost can still happen into June. The greenhouses are filled and the grounds crews are out tilling up beds and getting a good start to the season before plants go into the ground.”

The Peace Garden will be bringing on as many seasonal workers as possible.

“We are fortunate to have received another allotment of support through the Canada Summer Jobs program and Manitoba’s Green Teams. We’ll have another strong team this year made up of Americans and Canadians.”

“The number of workers crossing the border each day could be as many as 30. As far as this summer we just hope things get to the point where people from both sides of the border can come and visit us. Regardless the staff continues to work at putting on beautiful displays” said Tim Chapman.

Peace Garden officials are also optimistic due to the increase in the number of inquiries about camping, weddings and other events.