One year ago, Boissevain resident Inga Carey, opened her beautiful shop Paisley Pockets Emporium to the public!

Paisley Pockets is located in downtown Boissevain and offers a variety of women's fashion, gift ware, accessories and so much more! When you walk in it's a feast for the eyes that puts an immediate smile on your face!

Carey says it can be a challenge to compete with the big box stores and with online shopping, and in that challenge, she strives to keep her products fresh. 

"I like to keep things unique with things that are not available in the big box stores, with things that you cannot get on Amazon," shares Carey. "They just have a unique flare, a personal touch.  And I look for items that are not available on Amazon and one way of keeping customers coming back is offering something unique and doesn't appear everywhere else online."

Inga stocks her shelves with items made in North America; mostly from the U.S. and Canada, with some European products.

"My items don't come off a big ship from the Middle East or anywhere else," she notes. "It comes to me from the United States or from Canada. A lot of my products are made in Canada. And that's something unique and that's something to celebrate for me to be able to support those small businesses as well."

Owning her own little shop is something Carey has always wanted to do.

"I've been in Boissevain for 24 years," she explains, "and I remember The Station and all the other little stores that used to be in town here and going into them and thinking 'Wow that would be so cool to have my own little store, and to put my own spin on a store!'"

"So, last year I decided if not now, then when? So, I just jumped in with both feet, and it has been a lot of fun," says Carey. "I love getting my boxes and not remembering what I ordered and then finding treasures!  It's also been a learning curve to see what people are wanting, what people are looking for. Yes, it's been a lot of fun!"

Carey says her anniversary celebrations will be taking place all next week, with daily in-store specials and daily draws for folks who come in and purchase items.  Cake and refreshments will be served on Saturday!

"So, I hope everyone comes out and takes a look at the new arrivals," she adds. "There's lots of new things coming in for Christmas, lots of gift ideas for Christmas!"

Visit Paisley Pockets Emporium website or click HERE!  OR her Facebook page!

Better yet, drop by and say 'Hi!' and wish Inga a Happy Anniversary!

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