If you think the potholes in Westman are bad, you're right!  One trip down 18th Street Brandon and up pops the 'crash' icon on your vehicle dashboard!

I contacted MPIC this week to inquire on how the past 3 months compare to previous years.

Below you’ll find data on the pothole-related claims reported to MPI, as of March 17, 2024 as well as comparative data for past years.

'Please note that these figures are subject to change as claims continue to be reported. Of the 1,035 claims that have been reported so far in 2024, 62 have occurred in Brandon and over 800 have occurred in Winnipeg,' stated MPI's spokesperson Kristy Rydz.

'MPI encourages drivers to follow this advice to safely navigate potholes,' she adds.

  • Scan as far down the road in front of you as possible, looking for potholes. If you are approaching one, don’t swerve suddenly as you may hit another vehicle.
  • Slow down as much as possible before the pothole.
  • Many potholes develop in the curb lane, where water can accumulate. This can hide potholes so be sure to approach all puddles with the same caution as you would a pothole.