The board the runs the Keystone Centre in Brandon would like to lay out some long-term goals.

The facility is a hub for groups hosting large scale and small-scale events in Western Mantioba.

Bruce Luebke is Chair of the Keystone Centre board, and he feels now that we’re out of the pandemic and events are back up and running it’s time to do some assessing and planning. “We need to figure out what the future of the Keystone Centre is and there are a couple of things as a board we want to try and accomplish.”

“One is we’d like to get a true economic impact report done for the Keystone Centre to better define its impact on Brandon and Western Manitoba from an economic standpoint.”

A study was carried out close to a decade ago, but Luebke would like a more detailed and focused report.

“We also need to better define what the future of the Keystone Centre looks like. It’s a facility that’s 50 years old and the main arena is probably the biggest one starting to show its age. So, what does the future look like for the Keystone Centre,” said Bruce Luebke.

“Do we need to look at refurbishing the main arena, do we need to look at building a new arena and is there an appetite for that. Those are all things that when we sit down and start doing our strategic planning, we really are looking at not just five years but the next 20 to 25 years and what that will look like.”

Bruce Luebke likes how the board has transitioned from being an operational board to a governance board and is considering the long-term goals of the Keystone Centre.