This past weekend's storm, was a reminder for many of that old advertising slogan, "Don't fool with Mother Nature"  Lots of drivers made the decision to NOT venture out on the road Friday night.  One of those who did, was Josh Ginter, whom you may know as one of Manitoba's top ball players. Josh was was also reffing this past weekend in a provincial High School hockey tournament, and while on the way home, hit the ditch and subsequently experienced a most amazing example of real life "Samaritanism"

We have asked Josh to share his inspiring story

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So, what are your memories of "the worst" storm  Was it the March 66 storm, the blizzard of 97, or do you have another example of nature's fury? we'd love to get your perspective. How about you call our listener comment line  1-800-285-4159?


JAYME -- how about some storm pictures from PV online --