The return of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair (RMWF) has brought out a lot of livestock groups looking to meet patrons and promote their industry.

The RMWF hadn’t been held since 2019 because of the pandemic and fair goers and exhibitors have been eager to get back into the Keystone Centre for fair week.

Terra Bergen is with Manitoba Beef Producers. She says it has been a busy week with lots of people stopping by their booth.

“I’m a worker who helps with the booth and I help promote the industry visiting with guests and producers and for anyone looking to find out more about the beef industry.”

“We’re just letting people know that we’re here, the beef industry is looking good and we’re in a great industry that is doing well despite what has been happening over the past two years.”

A tourism highlight in Western Canada, the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is one of Western Canada’s largest agricultural events and the largest annual event to be held in Brandon. The RMWF is one of only two fairs in Canada to receive Royal designation from Queen Elizabeth II and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Events in North America, receiving numerous awards from the tourism industry. 

“We have an active industry and we have quite a few young people getting into the industry. These days it’s a little tougher to get into but any opportunity for young farmers to get into the industry they should take it” said Bergen.

Terra Bergen says prices are higher but she adds everything costs more these days. She says producers are making adjustment to meet their needs.