This weekend on Made in Manitoba, we're excited to welcome back Danielle Savard to the program. She's just days removed from the release of latest album.

Singer, songwriter, worship leader, music therapist... Born and raised in Winnipeg, Danielle began her journey in classical music, but after a pivotal year of missionary work, was drawn to the sound of contemporary Christian music. And that is firmly where her latest effort "Warfare, Volume 1" lives. Danielle began writing when she was just 8 years old, and feels her songwriting and deepening faith journey run parallel to each other.

Tonight on Made in Manitoba, we're featuring Danielle Savard's latest music, and conversation behind the album's title "Warfare", as well as being vulnerable through her music and faith. We'll also ask Danielle to reflect on why she chose to release the album during the season of Lent and Easter, and also what the message is behind the first single "Wilderness", which we'll play for you during this weekend's Made in Manitoba.

album cover of "Warfare, Volume 1" by Danielle Savard