Members of the Boissevain and Deloraine Co-op's have approved the formation of the Boundary Co-op.


Members voted this week on a resolution to join the two Co-op's. 219 people voted in Deloraine on Wednesday with 90 percent saying yes. 103 members voted in Boissevain last night and 93 said yes to the amalgamation.


Matthew Heide with the Boissevain Co-op will be the new Co-op's first President. He says members wont notice any big difference in the co-op's day to day operations.



Happy Co-op Members Grant Cassils and Daryl Albrecht


Grant Cassils of Deloraine will be the Co-op's new vice president. He was pleased to see the resolution pass by such a large margin.



Boundary Co-op will begin operations at the end of January.