Camps with Meaning is a vibrant, growing ministry, guided by gratitude for the countless volunteers and supporters who have generously given their time, energy, and resources to make camp possible. Annually, they welcome over 6,000 guests, 600 campers, and approximately 70 summer staff members.

Two camps fall under the Camps with Meaning Banner, nestled in the beautiful RMs of Cartier (Camp Assiniboia) and Turtle Mountain (Camp Koinonia), they offer a diverse range of activities and programs designed to meet the needs of campers and guests.

They are launching their "Light the Fire" capital campaign this Sunday with a Launch Party! The campaign consists of 15 essential projects at Camp Assiniboia and 3 projects at Camp Koinonia.

CFAM Morning Show co-host Zack Driedger got all the details on the Light the Fire Launch Party with Camps with Meaning Director Dorothy Fontaine and you can enjoy their conversation below: