If you've been enjoying the Vantage Points book series that shares the wealth of history in our southwest corner of the province, then you'll be thrilled that book #6 is in the works!

'Welcome' is the theme of the 6th book in the Vantage Points series!

The Turtle Mountain Souris Plains Heritage Association (TMSPHA) is now compiling stories for their newest book project, and as excited as we are to see the new book hit the shelves, the TMSPHA committee is excited to get production underway!

"We are just starting to gather stories for that issue," shares TMSPHA Chair, Jan McClelland. "The theme will be Welcome because we're welcoming Melita back, and we're welcoming Killarney-Turtle Mountain into the TMSPHA family. So, a large portion of this particular issue will be dedicated to stories from Melita and from Killarney-Turtle Mountain to kind of bring them into range with stories alongside the other areas that have been covered more fully in the past few years."

"However, we are currently calling for stories, so if anyone has any stories, they might like to see in the Vantage Points volume, not saying it would be in the sixth one, but they can certainly send it to us, to make sure that we are aware of it. And if it's not considered for this particular issue, because it is going to center around 'Welcome' then perhaps for the next one," she says.

McClelland is quick to point out that 'Welcome' can be featured in a variety of ways. "There are people being welcomed into other people's homes. There's rain being welcomed after a drought.  There are many variations on 'Welcome'. 

"So, that will be the main focus of this issue, but it won't be strictly limited to that," she says. "There will also be stories from every region throughout our catchment area."

If you have any story ideas for the next Vantage Points book(s) the TMSPHA committee is eager to hear them. Please contact any of their Board members to share your ideas.

Vantage Point #6 is expected to be complete and printed by the fall of 2024.

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