The deadline for the next uptake of granting applications for the Killarney Foundation is coming up in mid-September and so members are doing a final shout out for local organizations to submit their granting applications.

"The Killarney Foundation has been growing very steadily over the last number of years and its now over $8.5 million in capital that is there for perpetuity," shares Board member, David Jones. 

Jones says the local Foundation continues to make a difference in the community through their spring and fall granting seasons. He notes more organizations are looking at projects through the lens of a long-term planning procedure, "thoughtful granting," he calls it.  

For example, Jones says if there is a major project in the community, instead of saying they need money now, they say they are building momentum and getting things in place, and can the Foundation allocate some money each year for a number of years, so that when they're ready for that project, that money is there.

"So, we have a lot of 'set-asides' that the money stays in but it's earmarked," says Jones. "It just makes for better planning so that the Foundation is becoming more of a partner and coming up with strategic objectives to make sure these things are sustainable and worthwhile, and not just throwing money out helter-skelter hoping it does benefit."

"In a smaller community, if you can get everybody pulling in the same direction, even if it's only one project at a time, it's pretty significant versus everybody going 30 different directions," he adds, "because then sometimes it's hard to see the results."

One example Jones gives is the Tri-Lake Health Centre in Killarney, where a strong committee looks at the dynamics of the hospital; What's needed long-term? What does the future look like? What does our medical system need here that we're not getting funding for provincially? What things can get done that are essential? 

"So, the staff at the Killarney hospital is involved, the administrators, the Foundation, and the Municipality is involved," notes Jones. "So, we feel the money is getting well-spent and not just thrown out and into the wind."  

The deadline for the next uptake of granting applications for the Killarney Foundation's fall season, is September 15th.

Please listen to more with Killarney Foundation Board member, David Jones.

For more information visit their website at:  Apply for a Grant | Killarney Foundation

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