Hello everyone! This is Claudia Hopkins, and I came out to visit your community this past weekend to represent CJRB. The Boissevain Fair had a great turn out, which was helped greatly by the beautiful weather we had! This was the 125th anniversary for this fair and it was definitely a memorable one!

Saturday started off to a great start with the parade! You may have noticed me accompanying Barry Lamb, and his family in the parade. We all had a great time handing out candy, and seeing all of the faces around town! Thank you to all of those that came out!

The big event for the fair that day was Darbie's Demo Derby! Many people came out to see the entertainment! The cars were roaring, and the adrenaline was racing, not only in the ring, but amongst the crowd also.

The night was finished with a fantastic steak supper, which was served with a baked potato, and coleslaw. The beer garden was a huge hit that day, as that's where they were serving supper, and had a live band! The Groove Kitchen plays a lot of classic rock, which gave the night the perfect atmosphere.

Despite the late night, this did not stop people from waking up early to enjoy a free breakfast! The team put on a great meal as pancakes, ham, and eggs was served! This gave everyone enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day as the horse and cow shows began.