This weekend, our Blue Bombers will be travelling to Vancouver for the 99th annual Grey Cup.  The team is currently in the midst of preparations for Sunday's game, watching game films, learning new plays, working on last minute rehab, and for some members of the team, attending chapel and Bible study.

The person who quarterbacks that activity for the Blue Bombers is chaplain Lorne Korol.  Al met Lorne at an evening where Bombers Chris Garret, Joe Lobandahn, and Justin Goltz shared about life as a football player, and a Christian



The kickoff will take place at 5:30 this Sunday.  You can be sure that Lorne will be cheering his team, and the Bombers he has come to know, and admire this season.... CJRB will broadcast the 99th annual Grey Cup, beginning with the kickoff at 5:30