Groups and individuals in the Minto area are being encouraged to apply for funding through the Minto and Area Philanthropic committee.

The group has around $90,000 to disperse in 2022. The funds flow through the Vancouver Foundation thanks to money left by Lloyd and Elsie Campbell for youth recreation in Minto.

Dana Maxwell Chairs the organization and says the pandemic has presented some challenges because some activities that used to be funded have been put on hold. Over the past few years the group had the task of handing out more than $55,000 every year.

“Up until the pandemic were able to spend most of the funds. We always fund the school’s swimming lessons and we often fund activities with the school with relation to recreation and sports equipment with the school. The daycare has applied for equipment and that helps get the little kids active. It would be a combination of both indoor and outdoor equipment such as climbing structures.”

The philanthropic group’s goal is to award that money to projects that will give as much to youth in Minto as possible.

“Swimming lessons always coming first but we also fund things like hockey registrations, hockey equipment, ball and swimming lessons that families do outside the school program. We’ve also covered skating lessons, skating equipment, horse riding lessons. There’s been a real wide spectrum of things we’ve been able to support” said Dana Maxwell.

The group has a slight build up of funds and the committee is hoping to get lots of applications so the money can go back into youth sports and recreation.

“Our committee doesn’t propose any projects. So we need applications and ideas to come from the community before we decide where the money will be spent when we diced on the funding projects in Minto.”

Applications can be submitted anytime of the year and the Minto and Area Philanthropic committee will meet once they have enough applications to consider. “We will call meetings more quickly if there are applications that are time sensitive such as the school’s swimming lessons.”