Boissevain resident and long-time salesperson and hockey host on CJRB Radio, Ivan Strain, shared with us photos from his personal album of some of the events of the past decades.

In the photo gallery below, you might recognize some of the faces - or you can finally put a face to the voices you've heard on the air! 

Voices that you heard on CJRB's airwaves also were heard across Southern Manitoba under the banner of Radio Southern Manitoba (RSM)

Photo Gallery below:

Pic#1 - In the CJRB office, front foyer (l-r) Barry Lamb, Donna Easton, Ivan Strain, (sitting) Wendy Kehler

Pic#2 - The Stanley Cup at Deloraine (l-r) Sheldon Lanchberry President of Hockey Canada, Ivan Strain, Keeper of the Cup, and youngster Dillon Strain.

Pic#3 - The Great Pumpkin Contest Killarney Shoppers Mall (l-r) Barry Toms, Mrs. Foote, Ivan Strain, Cheryl Pugh

Pic#4 - CJRB's 20th Celebration 1993 - (l-r) Radio Southern Manitoba Manager David Wiebe, Ivan Strain, Sports Reporter Clayton Dreger

Pic#5 - CJRB's 20th 1993 - (l-r) CJRB receptionist Wendy Kehler and CJRB's first client in 1973, George Dyck

Pic#6 - Following the story of Whitewater Lake 1994 - (l-r) Reporters Dean Penner, Farm Reporter Les Kletke, Morning Show Host Al Friesen

Pic#7 - Whitewater Lake '94 (l-r) RSM reporters Harv Kroeker, Don Tayler and Barry Lamb

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