Roof tops in many Westman communities have lots of snow and people should think about clearing some of that weight of their buildings.


Since early December several snow storms have hit the southwest part of the province leaving huge drifts and lots of snow. “We've had a few claims for snow damage to farm buildings but so far no residential claims” said Chad Reimer, owner of Southwest Agencies in Boissevain.


“For sure I think people should be getting the snow off of their roof tops.”


He says a few people have businesses going that will clear the snow off your roof and they charge a per house rate.


“Over Christmas at a family get together one of my cousins was there and he is a structural engineer. He said most homes are built to handle about two and a half feet of snow and I think many homes have roof top areas that are close to that figure now” said Reimer.


Reimer says most of the policies through his office do cover damage caused by snow load problems. “However I don't think people should wait and all of a sudden as one contractor put it wake up in a tomb of snow if the roof collapses.”


He says it is probably cheaper and more convenient to simply have the snow taken off your roof.


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