The province has proposed stiffer penalties for distracted driving. They're currently reviewing the proposal, and RCMP Media Relations Officer, Sergeant Paul Menaigre explains why.

"The Manitoba government has concerns regarding the penalties perhaps not being stiff enough or people just not getting the message that distracted driving is dangerous, and is causing numerous collisions," says Menaigre. "It's affecting many lives in this province, so they've come out with a measure."

The fines, themselves, are still the same, but drivers licenses are planned to be suspended, similar to what's done with impaired drivers, but for a shorter period of time.

Menaigre says there are many components of distracted driving m with the more obvious being a cell phone or electronic device in use while driving. However, he says they do have to deal with other aspects that cause lack of attention while driving. Eating a meal, reading books or papers, applying make-up, etc. The officer on site will make the determination according to his observations.

Once the law is implemented, he adds the police will determine how to enforce it.

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