Work is expected to start shortly on a $3.5 million upgrade project at Boissevain School.

The entire project is being paid for by the public schools finance board and work is expected to be completed by the end of October.

Tim De Ruyck is Superintendent with the Turtle Mountain School Division. He says the construction site is being prepared and work will start right away. The construction crew right now is setting up fences for a staging area where they will store materials and equipment.

That site is where buses normally drop off and pick up students every school day.2018 school construct 1Contractor getting ready for upgrade at Boissevain School

“We’ve rerouted our bus pick up and drop off to the street on the west side of Boissevain School to make sure we have safe and efficient traffic flow.”

Work will start shortly to remove the exterior bricks located on the east and south side of the collegiate building at Boissevain School. “We are getting new bricks and windows on the side facing the highway and on the south side. The roof is involved as well and the school is getting a badly new boiler system that is long overdue.”

There will be some disruption to classes in the high school but plans are in p-lace to accommodate students during the construction period.

“There is some need for some relocation and some of the classrooms on the east side of the building will need to be off limits. It’s drawn up in the contract that workers can’t use things like jack hammers during school hours.”

Once classes are done at the end of June workers are free to make as much noise as they need to throughout the day until classes resume in September. Work on the school’s upgrade is expected to be completed by the end of October.

“We also wanted to let people know the work being done doesn’t include the south gymnasium and the mural on the east wall facing Highway 10 will remain will not be touched” said De Ruyck.

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