Welcome back to another Made in Manitoba, and this weekend we're welcoming back one of our long-time musical friends Rosemary Siemens.

Along with her husband Eli Bennett, the duo has been nominated for three Inspirational Country Music Awards being handed out May 29th at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. The recognition is coming specifically for their work on Sunday Hymn Serenade, the weekly YouTube program Rosemary and Eli created featuring a classic hymn performed by them... and sometimes family members, too. Rosemary has received nominations for female vocalist and musician of the year, and Eli for Producer of the Year. 

"We're very excited, because we've been on this journey with Sunday Hymn Serenade for a long time," shared Rosemary during the program. "It's such a huge honour for us. We've worked so hard, and so to get some recognition for that is always exciting."

This weekend on Made in Manitoba we're celebrating Rosemary and Eli's Inspirational Country Music Awards nominations. 

"It's a wonderful Christian organization, and they just celebrate people like me and what we're doing in music that has faith in it, and has Christian roots in it," explained Siemens. "It's a wonderful organization, very family run, and I'm excited to see all the people from other years past, and to have the awards show at the Grand Ole Opry. It's just very, very special, because it's just such an iconic and legendary venue."

The husband and wife duo will close out the awards show performing a U.S. tribute and hymn sing alongside their boys Theodore and Amadeus, as well as Rosemary's parents. And let's remember, Rosemary is no stranger to the Inspirational Country Music Awards or the Grand Ole Opry, having won the 2019 Bluegrass Artist of the Year award and performing on stage at that time, too.

We also be recognizing the fact Rosemary's YouTube channel has now surpassed 100 million views of those hymns. The journey Rosemary has been on with Sunday Hymn Serenade has been a family one from the beginning, and one she never expected to grow to the size it has.

You can listen to this weekend's Made in Manitoba, featuring Rosemary Siemens, below.