Welcome to Made in Manitoba, our weekly spotlight on music made at home, and this weekend we're again welcoming a first-timer to the program, with Winnipeg's Lev Snowe joining us.

Singer, songwriter, poet and producer... those are just a few of the ways Lev expresses his creativity, and musically speaking, he's released a new album called "Orbits of Our Own Pt. 1". A truly introspective, thoughtful and reflective person... the title of the album is as big and cosmic sounding as his music which is dreamy, psychedelic and referred to in the music biz as "psych-pop".

Tonight we'll explore the tapestry Lev Snowe has painted with his soundscapes and lyrics, and tying into Mother's Day weekend, also touch on why he chose to release "Orbits of Our Own Pt. 1". on his mother's birthday.

Listen to this weekend's Made in Manitoba, with Lev Snowe, below.