Welcome to another Made in Manitoba, and this weekend we're introducing you to a new Winnipeg based group called Virgo Rising. Made up of siblings Jenna and Lauren Wittmann, as well as Isaac Tate, and newest member and lead vocalist Emily Sinclair.

Tonight we're featuring the group's second album "Vampyre Year" which had a long and winding road to being completed, with the process beginning in January 2022, but ultimately ending with a break from recording, and the group not picking things up until a year later. While sitting around a cassette recorder, Virgo Rising improvised one of the songs on the album, leading to a breakthrough of collaboration, and a complete reworking of the album from the ground up.

What happened after that was the rest of the album came out of the band members in just a few days and "Vampyre Year" was completed.

Tonight we're joined by Jenna, Lauren and Emily for our conversation with Virgo Rising, and we're looking forward to examining further what this complete band collaboration means to the group, and how it comes across in every song on the album.

This is Made in Manitoba, featuring Virgo Rising, and you can listen to the program, below.