The 2nd annual Peacock Calling Competition will be taking place next week Saturday in Souris, all part of this year's Peacock Days & Fair!

The peacock calling contest is sponsored by Whitfield Drugs. It brought in just over 50 participants last year, each taking their turn to squawk and shriek to mimic Souris' iconic and beloved bird.

Monique Perey is organizing the event for the second year.  She says when the idea was presented at last year's organizational meeting, there were a few nay-sayers who said this idea would never 'fly'!

"When we proposed this last year, we had so many people say to us, 'Oh this isn't going to work!' but in the end we had 53 people last year and so we're really hoping that maybe we'll get about 60 or 75 participants this year - I would love it!"

Perey says Souris is one of the few places in North America that allow their peacocks to roam freely.  "Souris is synonymous with peacocks and they have become such a beacon in the town!"

"Obviously the first time they're let loose in the spring they're a little everywhere, and last year it was a little concerning I think because they had kind of gone past the town borders," shares Perey, "but we took great credit after our peacock calling contest; they had been gone during the week but by the time our contest happened on Saturday, they all came back on Sunday.  So of course, you know that I jumped on that and took full credit for it!"

Please listen to more with Monique Perey as she shares more on the Peacock Calling Competition below.