Turtle Mountain MLA Doyle Piwniuk has been quite busy over the past few months due to the excess moisture and the flooding that has happened in Manitoba in 2022.

Piwniuk is Manitoba’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

He spent time last week in Minto at the AMM district meeting to hear what area municipal leaders had on their mind. “We’re going to work with municipalities especially when it comes to infrastructure, health care, education or any other services we provide.”

“We have a great team and lots of cabinet ministers from the rural area and the Westman region and this is our time to make sure there is a voice at the table for this corner of the Manitoba. We want to promote economic growth, population growth and the services that come with that.”

Doyle Piwniuk says his team is really focused on the flooding and he says they’ve done a great job this spring dealing with flood issues and community leaders.

“We’re focusing on all areas when it comes to flood mitigation, investing in flood infrastructure while continuing with our province’s scheduled construction program.”

Municipalities are asking for more financial support for the province to deal with things like rising inflation and the pressure that’s putting on community projects and local ratepayers.

“That’s something we’ll always look at. We came up with funding to help municipalities deal with potholes. There could be other opportunities especially if we’re growing the economy and there’s more revenue generated from that growth we’d like to share that if there’s an opportunity. We want to make sure we take advantage of all opportunities when it comes to working with municipalities across the province” said Doyle Piwniuk.