The Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage Association is delving into their 6th Vantage Points book to continue the historical account of the settlement years of the southwest corner of the province through storytelling.

This past week Board members of TMSPHA were on site to receive the $3600 grant from the Killarney Foundation.

Executive Assistant of the Heritage Association, JoAnne Juce, says this grant will go directly to the publishing of the newest addition to the Vantage Points book series.

"We want to print 1000 copies, because we gift books to schools to help educate the young ones about history in our area, and we also sell the books for those who are interested, and so 1000 copies would be what we need to start with."

"We were fortunate to have the Killarney-Turtle Mountain municipality join our group last year," explains Juce. "We are funded by the municipalities we represent. And our commitment back to each municipality is to support them through tourism, and for historical and cultural purposes to research and tell stories about local histories; interesting events, interesting landmarks, interesting people, and get that out to the larger public especially the young people."

"So, we're focusing on Killarney to show our thanks to the Killarney-Turtle Mountain municipality for becoming a funding partner for us," she adds.

TMSPHA has donated a set of the book series to every family in the schools in their catchment area, as well as to classroom teachers and principals, and the school libraries.

"So, whatever we can do to reach out to younger people and share our rich history," explains Juce. "Now that takes a substantial investment on our part, but we feel that it's worth it.  And so, we gather up the books, and package them, and then put a letter in as well and deliver them to the schools."

The book package is then allocated to the oldest student of that family to bring home for the entire family to enjoy.

Students at Killarney schools received their packages early this spring with a great response from parents and students sharing how much they have enjoyed the books.

What's so very special about sharing the book series through the school system is that many of these students have their grandparents and great grandparents in these very stories!

"This is what continues on the stories and the traditions to the next generations, and this is our goal, to celebrate the local history and honor it, and preserve it and share it in all the different ways we can."

Juce says the reputation of TMSPHA's research abilities has carried far and wide, to the point where many requests are coming in from folks wanting to learn more about their own family history but not necessarily knowing where to start.

"With the research that's been done by our Board to write these books, we also have the information to pass on to these people that ask to learn more about their great grandfather, his name was this, and he lived there.  Our Board, with our research, we come up with those answers for these people.  It's really great!"

Please listen to more with JoAnne Juce below as she shares more on Vantage Points 6.

Book #6 should be complete by the end of the year and available for purchasing for Christmas!

For more information about the Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage Association visit their website a or click HERE!