Hello and welcome to Made in Manitoba, our weekly exploration of music being made here at home, and tonight we're welcoming back a husband and wife duo to the program. Nadia and Jason Burnstick, known as Burnstick on stage, are joining us to share the stories and music from their latest album "Made of Sin".

Music has been at the heart of this dynamic kinship since the couple met over a decade ago. Their debut album, released in 2019, was Juno nominated, and their second album came out recently. Best described as contemporary folk music, Burnstick's latest album has been significantly influenced by the arrival of their son, and the changes to life starting a family brings.

Calling St. Claude home, Nadia and Jason just wrapped a series of Home Routes concerts in B.C. in May, and are looking ahead to a performance at the Red River Ex in Winnipeg June 21st. But this weekend, Burnstick is with us on Made in Manitoba.