If you’re driving down Highway 21 west of Souris, you might want to see a bit of history come to life! 

The new Deleau General Store opened one week ago, this being the community’s 4th General Store constructed on that very spot since the original was built back in 1892.

The  new 1500 sq ft store greets travelers with fuel, hardware, plumbing supplies, basic groceries, camping supplies – and of course, the coffee is always on!

Owner, Scott Phillips, says the first week of operation has been great, with strong support from the community and highway travelers.

“We’ve got it modelled as your one-stop-shop covering everything from soup to nuts!” says Phillips. “Saturday was our first day and every day since it’s been just going!  The local community has been great, and we’ve had workers coming in from all over.  It’s been an excellent response and we just can’t thank people enough for supporting us!  

The in-house coffee shop has been a success as well, with lunch time specials bringing visitors back to the days of home-cooked meals, and don’t forget the home baking!

The village of Deleau was named after Belgium-born Sebastian Deleau who donated land to accommodate the building of the train station in 1892.  Numerous buildings when up that year, including residences, businesses and the first general store. According to the Manitoba Heritage Society, this is the 4th General Store built at this historic location.  Phillips is thrilled to be able to provide the daily necessities that were once offered to his community over the past 129 years.

“We’re here pretty early in the morning making sure the coffee is on for the boys," shares Phillips, "and then to make sure the cooler is filled with cold drinks for the next day!”

“We don’t want anyone going past on their way to the city when they can get everything they want right here!” adds Phillips.